Carol Celico - Translated
Old Fashioned Wife

Caroline Celico shares details of her marriage with Kaká, talks about her relationship with her kids and about the balance and maturity she found after leaving Renascer Church.

By Bruna Narcizo

Photos by Pedro Dias/Ag.Istoé

She’s got the image of a decent girl. She talks briefly, but logically, in a low voice, wearing simple clothes. Caroline Celico is far from being the typical soccer player wife, who are almost always looking for attention - not to mention the rest. This couldn’t have been differently, as she was raised among São Paulo’s high class and is the daughter of bussinesswoman Rosangela Lyra, ambassador of French fashion house Dior in Brazil. Her genes are as exclusive as her behavement alongside her husband Kaká, Real Madrid’s mid-field. During her last stay in São Paulo, Caroline released her self-titled album, starting her journey as a singer, in a kind of music she defines as “pop of God”. The experience will be unique: she doesn’t want to start a career, record another album, tour around the word or anything like that. At age 24, all she wants to do is to take care of her children - Luca, 3, and the newborn Isabella, who is 3 months old. In return, she managed to make her husband record a song with her. “He did it to prove his love”, she says. She also talked about her daily life in Madrid, her CD, the problems they faced at Renascer and her abilities to take care of the house and leave her husband free of chores. 

Are you jealous of Kaká?

I was never jealous, especially about his fans. We share a devotion, because I know he is mine. You have to be careful, like in a party someone can always… the fans are okay, they are lovely, most of them like me and like to talk. 

What’s the secret for this passion to last 10 years? 

I think that the bad and good aspects of marriage challenge you to start all over again everyday. So we start over. We try not to do always the same things, you know? Especially after the children were born, they’re all we talk about. There’s gotta be that nice new feeling, the feeling of love, of surprises… you can write a message on the mirror one day, leave a note on his wallet the next day, play a nice song in the car… 

Do you have nicknames for each other?

I like to call him Boo.

Why Boo?

Because of Monsters, INC the movie. The little girl says “boo” and scares the little monster. I thought that was really cute, so I called him Boo. He calls me Boo too, but he also calls me “Life”, “Love”. When he’s mad, it’s Caroline. And only my mother calls me Caroline besides him. 

How did you convince Kaká to sing?

I thought it would be harder. But he saw it as a way to prove his love, you know? He said: “I’ll give her this gift”. He has a really busy schedule, and he dedicated just one afternoon to record the song for the CD and DVD. Before recording, he recieved a few instructions and then we recorded the song. Even if he had reharseled a lot, he would never be as good as a professional, because that’s not what he does. 

You and Claudia Leitte shared one of the most beautiful moments in the DVD, are you good friends? 

I didn’t know Claudia’s work when I was in Milan, not even when she was in Babado Novo (band). But one day I went to a friend’s house and she played her DVD. And I saw Claudia talking about God in her concert and thought: “Wow, she’s so brave to share the word of God. Most people are scared to do so, and she’s talking to a lot of people”. At this moment I felt a very great deal of affection for her, some kind of connection, you know? And I contacted her when I came to São Paulo. It was very touching when we met. I told her my story and she told me that in that same month she had seen a video of mine on You Tube, preaching, passing a message, and she said: “I really liked you a lot”. That was in 2009. When I invited her to sing with me,I told her about my DVD project and she agreed right away, she didn’t even know what it was about. It was pure emphaty from both sides. 

Do you want to start a tour?


Why did you leave Renascer Church?

I won’t talk about the reasons. I was there for many years, 7 years, actually, and Kaká even longer than that. One day we decided we’d had enough. So we opted to leave it, but we’re very grateful for the people that helped us there. We made a lot of friends. 

Do you want to join another church?


Your mom didn’t like it when you joined Evangelicalism, did she?

She didn’t approve the idea. I was raised in a Catholic Church. When I met Kaká, I had never heard of Evangelicalism. After I joined his church, I used to argue a lot with my mother. I had many immature moments, I was only 15. I had really bad moments with her. Now that I am a mother I see that she only wanted the best for me, she didn’t want me to go the wrong way. Nothing else.

Having the ambassador of such a luxurious brand as a mother, and many times frequenting less spiritual circles doesn’t make a conflict between the “Bible” and “Louboutin”?

There are people looking for God and goodness anywhere and inside any profession. I believe that God always looks inside our hearts and see how much we want to help the others, with or without Louboutins, but always with the inspiration of the Bible.

How is your daily life in Madrid?

I like to swim, I go to the gym. I don’t like to work out too much, like going out for a run, this is not for me. But I like to do lengthening and stuff like that. 

Do you go to any church in there?

Kaká’s never been to any church during these 8 years out of Brazil. He always looked for messages online and studied… we help each other, we pray together, we talk about it when we’re in the car, in the bath… 

Do you spend much time alone?

Yes. Every since I met Kaká, I spend a lot of time alone. He has two games per week, so that’s four days out. That leaves only three for me. During these three days, he has to go training, photoshooting, do interviews, things like that. It’s like a bussinessman that arrives home late in the night. It’s very complicated because it’s not only about me anymore, it’s also about the kids. 

And what do you do when he’s away?

I take care of Luca and Isabella. I love going to the supermarket, I love cooking, buying different ingredients, asian scents…

But do you have friends?

In Madrid I have less. In Milan I had more friends because I went to college there, I worked. I have a couple of Spanish and Brazilian friends that I met there.

Do you usually visit other soccer players?

Kaká is very good friends with Marcelo (Brazilian player in Real Madrid), who has a little boy. He is also friends with Cristiano Ronaldo, but he has a girlfriend and another lifestyle.

What’s your favorite place to go with the family?

We love to take Luca to the Zoo. He loves animals. Milking the cows. That’s when Isabella was born, she was supposed to be born a week later. She came a week earlier when I was showing Luca how to milk the cows in a farm. I had contractions all day and I went into labour at midnight of that day.  

How is Kaká as a father?

When he’s at home, he’s always with them. He likes to play, jump on the bed and make a tent with the sheets and pillows for Luca. He’s a great dad. But I don’t let him change the diapers, because there’s no need. I don’t make him do it. And I don’t want him to do boring things when he’s at home.

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