Carol Celico - Translated
vc ama o kk ou quer seu dinheiro

Oi? Amigo(a), eu não sou a Carol, mas tenho certeza que ela não se casou com o Kaká por dinheiro, considerando que ela é filha de uma socialite importante.


Kaká posted my video on fb!

You are amazing, people love you for what you're doing for us. Thank you so much for dedicate your free time on translating Carol Celico's stuff, so we can know details about her. You're just amazing, I have no words to explain my thankfulness. Love you! P.s I'm Victoria (@vickyy__xo on Twitter) Beijo!

Haha no problem, I know it must be really frustrating not being able to understand what your idol is saying… so I’m glad I can help! Thank you, I really appreciate it :)

Hi!! My name is Rafaela and I am from Greece! I want to buy Carol's CD and DVD but I can't find it here! Do you have any idea how I can buy it from here?

I don’t know if it’s selling outside Brazil, but you could try ordering it from a Brazilian site! Sorry I can’t help much, maybe someone from Europe knows better than me!

Hi, I was wondering if you know much about Carol's sister in law Rebeca? Also are her parents practising Christians? Thank you for all your translations!

Hey, sorry, I don’t know much about Rebeca, but I think that she and Digão are Christians, like Kaká. And I know that Carol’s mother started practicing Catholicism after Carol joined Renascer, but her father isn’t religious - at least not practicing, for all I know.

The Can Collector

This is something my dear brother-in-law Rodrigo wrote specially for us. Hope you like it!

São Paulo, Ibirapuera Avenue, December 9th, 2011. Inside my car, I check if the doors are properly closed and if the windows are shut. I look at the sidewalk and I see an old, dirty man poorly dressed; his shirt ripped, his feet bared; looking into the trash with a bag full of cans. Searching for something to make him survive everyday, he lives among the filthiness. 

When we search for what we want, we wish, dream, or even need to do things we don’t like, things that we once thought that were wrong; but in the end we put our hands into the trash. The dirtiness brings an odor that can be smelled from far away. It might be all the things we blend and get in our lives, even when we know we shouldn’t, and we are able to hide under a mask for a while. But not forever. Getting things right or wrong isn’t filthy. It’s just an experience. The dirtiness comes when a wrong attitude is done with counscious.

If he washes himself, the can collector can get rid of the dirtiness. His physical body is washed with water, soap and some scrubs. Our conscious and memories aren’t that simple. Our process of cleaning is more complex and it can be hurtful most of the times, because remorse hurts, and scrubs leave marks. 

From the outside, my eyes can only see the can collector’s dirtiness. But what if we could see the dirtiness of our souls? I know that there wouldn’t be enough soap or water to erase the high price that was once payed by someone else, just so we could get what we wanted for free through their great love. 

Rodrigo Leite

You know what I would like to see? I would love to see you! "Carol's translator". Would be really nice to see a photo of you. I'm sure you're as beautiful as Carol ;)

Haha I’ll post it if you tell me who you are! ;)

Do you know anything about mourinho giving kaka and other player who are from south america an early break? I dont believe it, but I was wondering did carol say anything about that?

I don’t know, but it’s possible, because she said she’s packing for a trip. From what I heard, Higuaín, Marcelo and Kaká are getting an early break, but I’m not sure if it’s official.

Are you Brazillian?? I mean you who translated all of these. you are so so so adorable

Yes, I am!!! Haha thank you, that’s really sweet of you! :)

Carol's father's originally from Italy, right? So, is Carol ethnically half-Italian, half-Portuguese? BTW, is it acceptable in Brazil to ask someone about his/her ethnicity? Or is it considered rude?

I don’t know if he’s from Italy, but Celico is an Italian name, so she surely descends from an Italian family. Brazil is a multicultural country, and it has a rich mixture of races… So if you ask a person about their ancestry, I don’t think it’s rude, but if you go like, “are you Caucasian?” it might sound rude anywhere, don’t you think?